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Company Spotlight: Institut Esthederm

Updated: Aug 15, 2017

Institut Esthederm Paris is one of two product lines I use. It is one of the most patented skin care companies out there which is an impressive feat.

Esthederm takes a proactive approach to treating the skin. Think of your skin as an eco-system. A delicate balance needs to be maintained so that our skin functions at its best. Anything can throw that out of whack: stress, hormones, pollution, and plain old chronological aging. Esthederm uses ingredients that are recognized by our skin so that we can help maintain that delicate balance. When our skin is functioning optimally, we are protecting and nourishing it as well.

Practically every Institut Esthederm product fights aging with patented anti-free radical ingredients. Why is that important? Say your main concern is acne or oily skin but you also are concerned with anti-aging. We would choose products from their Pure line. But rest assured, the cleanser and cream both work to fight aging as well. If wrinkles are your main concern, the Repair line is the one to choose. However, this line is designed to treat aging and is loaded with more anti-oxidant ingredients. And there are several options, including Esthederm's Intensive line, to pinpoint your specific concern. Each professional facial treatment is customized for you.

But before that, Institut Esthederm Paris was a pioneer in sun care. One of it's two co-founders, a sun-loving researcher, who is also a pharmacist and biologist, devised a different approach to sun protection that went against traditional ways of thinking. Imagine a company that says you can enjoy the sun and have a tan! We need the sun, a tan is our body's defense mechanism. BUT! That's not a free-pass to lay out all day! Based on optimized tanning and natural skin protection, Esthederm provides options so that you can have a nice glow but protect again the aging effects of the sun. I love this part of their history, but that's another post! #skincare #antiaging #esthetician #suncare #institutesthederm #buffaloesthetician


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