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BACK TO SCHOOL: Facials 101

Ever wonder about a facial? They’re a great way to pamper yourself for sure. BUT they offer more than a little R&R! While you take a little catnap, let me share just what a professional spa facial treatment is doing for YOU!

Facials help keep your skin healthy! They nourish and hydrate your skin, oily skin needs moisture too. They increase blood flow and oxygenate your skin. And they protect your skin. How? Healthy, hydrated skin can perform the way it’s supposed to! And that means maintaining a more youthful appearance!

Here are the basic steps in a Classic Spa Facial

1. Cleansing | The first step in any facial is cleansing the skin. I will choose an appropriate cleanser for your skin type. Sometimes, we will do a double cleanse. It’s important to choose a cleanser that won’t strip your skin, but one that respects that delicate balance between oil and water.

2. Exfoliation | The next step involves exfoliation! There are many different ways to exfoliate. Physical, mechanical ways like a scrub with jojoba beads for instance or a gommage. A gommage gently massages and sloughs off dead skin cells. They’re one of my favorites! There are also enzymes which target dead skin cells (you have to try our cocoa enzyme!!)

vs peels which provide an all over exfoliation. Peels are a separate topic, but the ones I carry are gentle and have no downtime. I love love love azaleaic acid for my skin!

3. Serums | The next step in a Classic Facial at JLP SKINCARE is serum. What is a serum? Think of it as a booster for your skin! Now that your skin is freshly exfoliated, it can soak in those nutrient-rich, peptide-packed serums. Of course, this is customized to your skin!

4. Massage | Ah, the massage! Facial massages are the highlight of a Classic Facial. I incorporate different techniques here. They increase blood flow and oxygenate the skin! All that while you just take it all in!

5. Mask | Masks come in all forms and textures. Cream masks, clay masks, molding masks, sheet masks, just to name a few! Just think of this step as a jam-packed super booster! Again, I will choose what is best for your skin!

6. Nourish and Protect | Finally, an appropriate moisturizer is applied followed by sun protection!

7. Homecare | Yes, your what you do to your skin at home matters too! Invest in your skin and your skin will love you for it! And remember, all good things come to those who remove their makeup at night!

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