Choose between ELLEEBANA ONE SHOT LASH LIFT or EYELASH EXTENSIONS. A lift is a semi-permanent curl and offers a more natural look than extensions. Lash extensions lengthen and thicken the appearance of your natural lash. Results vary depending on your natural lashes for either treatment. Patch test available.


We apply individual classic or volume eyelash extensions to your individual natural lash. Each set is customized for you while protecting the integrity of your natural lash. This is done by placing appropriate extensions by diameter and length on your natural lashes. How long your extensions last is based on your own lash growth cycle and how you care for them. Growth cycles vary from person to person. Shedding is a natural process and not affected by properly placed extensions. Fills are recommended every three weeks. Cost will vary to accomodate "extended fills." Please see below.

Full Set | 2h


Mixed (classic & volume)



Fills | 1h15m


Mixed (classic & volume)



Weekly Fill | 30 mins

Classic / Mixed


  • This does not replace a three-week fill appointment.


You must have at least 50% of your extensions for a regular fill. If at your next appointment an "extended fill" or "full set" is needed, the price will change as follows:

First Extended Fill

no additional charge

Second consecutive extended fill 


Third consecutive extended fill 


  • If you feel you need an extended fill or full set, please let me know, so I can accomodate the extra time. Please note, we may have to reschedule your appointment. Bi-weekly fills may be needed before returning to a three-week pricing schedule. 


Ditch the lash curler and give your lashes a semi-permanent curl with the Elleebana One-Shot Lash Lift! This procedure lasts up to eight weeks. Tint your lashes to complete the look! A lift does not thicken your lashes and you may apply mascara after 24-48 hours. Dry eye syndrome and chemotherapy are contraindicated. 

*intro price

last lift & tint


w/brow tint


lash lift only


lash tint only


brow tint only


lash & brow tint


brow wax w/tint









LASH 411
  • We use Novalash Platinum Bond Hi-Speed Adhesive. It is formaldehyde-free and latex-free. If you think you may be sensitive to adhesive, we can do a test patch.

  • We use Borboleta Beauty Extensions.

  • It is best not to get your lashes wet for 12 hours.  

  • Keeping your extensions and lash line clean is incredibly important. You can wear makeup, but take care to remove it completely so as not to compromise the extensions. Please come to your appointment with clean extensions.

  • Excessive oil secretion can compromise your extensions also. So can excessive sweating after a work-out. Just make sure to wash your lashes more frequently and definitely post work-out. 

  • SPF, waterproof mascara and gel eyeliner can compromise your extensions' longevity.

  • Yes, you can use SPF, just don't get any on your extensions!

  • Everyone's natural lashes are different. You can have the same extensions as your friend and they will look different.

  • Great care is taken to protect the integrity of your natural lash while giving you a longer, fuller lash. 

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